Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999
From: Paul Levett

Streptococcus iniae, fish
Caribbean (02)

Terry Ally was correct: Streptococcus iniae has been isolated from the organs of reef fish (dead and dying) affected in the fish kill in Barbados recently. Similar outbreaks have occurred in waters around in Tobago, Grenada and St.Vincent.

The working hypothesis at present seems to be a stronger than usual "Guyana current" has brought extra freshwater and silt from the north coast of South America. This is turn has caused eutrophication of the water column and an excessive bloom, removing oxygen and stressing the fish enough to allow infection with S.iniae.

I would also like to hear from anyone who knows of more reports of marine fish infection, other than the recent report by Zlotkin et al. Possible transmission of Streptococcus iniae from wild fish to cultured marine fish. Applied Environmental Microbiology 1998 Oct;64(10):4065-7

Paul N. Levett, PhD ABMM
University of the West Indies
School of Clinical Medicine & Research